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What's Happening With Allegheny Dwellings Choice Initiative!

Updated: Jul 8, 2021

During the months of April and May, our team of community stakeholders worked on creating a comprehensive survey to assess the needs of Allegheny Dwellings


It is important to us that we hear directly from the residents how they see their community now and what they want to see in their community if transformation were to occur.

We are currently seven months into a two-year planning process. The planning process is the first step in determining whether implementation is going to occur.

On June 30th, we held our first survey event -- The Allegheny Dwellings Choice Survey kickoff. Residents were sent colorful mailers and we worked with Tenant Council President, Ms. Cheryl Gainey to provide paper flyers to all the residents.

We had a great survey turnout, despite the rain, we were able to survey 20 residents of Allegheny Dwellings.

Our surveying team, Thrive18, will continue to be present in the community canvassing to get residents input. We want to hear from you about your community!

Our goal is for 100% of households in Allegheny Dwellings to be surveying. We are providing one $25 gift card per household.

We are getting input from the broader geographical regions -- Perry Hilltop, Fineview, California-Kirkbride and Charles Street, as well. We will begin collecting survey responses from these areas in August.

We are excited to hear from the residents!

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