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We POPPED Up At Allegheny Dwellings!

Perry Hilltop and Fineview Citizens Council continues to work with THRIVE18 and Housing Authority of City of Pittsburgh to ensure that every resident in Allegheny Dwellings has their voice heard in the Choice Planning process.

We are currently administering the Needs Assessment survey to the residents of Allegheny Dwellings. You may see THRIVE18 team members in the area in their royal blue shirts.

They are working tirelessly to get the input from the residents on what they want to see in their transforming community.

Last week, on Wednesday 7/21/2021, we were stationed right in the neighborhood with music and food to help reach more residents with the survey.

We will continue to be a presence in the community actively listening to what the residents have to say about their community.

We are pleased to report we currently have 60% of Allegheny Dwellings residents surveyed. We will keep pushing towards our goal of 100%!

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