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Early Action Process

Updated: Mar 9, 2022

Tenant Council President & Fineview Citizens Council (FCC) Vice President, Cheryl Gainey, FCC & PHCC Choice Planning Liaison, Rhonda Strozier & FCC & PHCC Executive Director, Joanna Deming engage neighbors at Allegheny Dwellings.

Community Engagement

Gather ideas for early action projects from the community

  • Coffee and Conversations in Allegheny Dwelling

  • Community Ambassador program

  • Choice Community Meeting, 10/13

  • Taskforce Meetings, bimonthly

  • Community Meetings

  • Community Walkthroughs

  • Choice Website

  • Email blasts

Document Engagement

Compile a list of all early action projects

Budget Approval, 1/19/2022

The following budget was presented to the core planning group and approved on 1/19/2022.

Allegheny Dwellings: $40,000

California-Kirkbride: $15,000

Charles Street: $15,000

Fineview: $15,000

Perry Hilltop: $15,000

We continue to request grant funding to provide additional funding for the communities to complete early action projects. We are also working to leverage city planning and URA assistance to increase the impact of our early action projects.

Final Round of Community Engagement, 1/20/2022 - 1/27/2022

Each community leader will reach out to their network of community members to get input in their community regarding prioritization of projects, to choose 1-2 projects for funding request.

Early Action Requests Due


Each community leader for Allegheny Dwellings, California-Kirkbride, Charles Street Valley, Fineview and Perry Hilltop will complete a funding request per project. This request will be approved by the core planning group.

Find the current list of proposed early action projects here.

HUD Approval, February - April

The HUD approval process can be lengthy and is usually around 3 months for final approval.

Implementation, May - November

Start project by May and complete by November

We will be looking for volunteers to help complete early action projects in our Choice communities.

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