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Lanark Street Site Visit

On May 2, 2022 – Fineview Citizens Council, Housing Authority of City of Pittsburgh and TREK Development hosted a site visit at Lanark Street and Marsonia Street with neighbors from the Fineview community.

There were over 50 community members gathered to discuss the future of transformation on Lanark Street and give feedback on the draft design plans created by the consultant firm WRT.

Together as a community, we came to a few agreements:

  • The buildings in Allegheny Dwellings have outlived their useful life and need to be replaced.

  • Lanark Street is in the heart of Fineview and is an important site for investment in the community.

  • We want to have a safe and healthy community.

Some suggestions from neighbors:

  • Explore the WPXI site with the existing tower on it - remove and build apartment there

  • Instead of attached townhouses on Marsonia, stagger detached single-family homes to still allow for green space in front.

  • Some would like to see more attached row homes, townhouses and apartment buildings to increase density, because that would bring more amenities or community benefits in the neighborhood

  • More community members to support increased bus availability (later times, more weekend hours, better bus shelters, better infrastructure)

  • Address current vacant and dilapidated houses throughout the community

  • The new buildings should be of high enough quality, build to last for a substantial period

  • Explore if the stormwater system can handle an apartment building

  • Complete a traffic study to understand how much parking is needed

  • Provide off street parking for apartment buildings

  • Development should have diverse use - more businesses throughout the neighborhood, possibly mixed-use on the first floor

  • Community needs to be integrated in regards to race, class and socioeconomic status

  • Leverage the potential investments coming into the neighborhood to get more resources for the community

  • The Fineview neighborhood is currently isolated, which can lead to crime and drugs, want more community engagement and community policing

  • Address ice falling from WPXI tower during winter storms

  • Address 7 empty houses on Carrie Street and empty houses on Warren

  • Instead of apartment building, single family homes

Upcoming Outreach:

May 5th, 9-12p – Choice Community Bus Tour, Meet at Federal Street and Mercy Street

May 19th, 4-7p – Choice Community Meeting, Allegheny Dwellings (Belleau Drive)

Always Stay Connected:

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