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Housing Task Force Meeting 3-16-22


Current Allegheny Dwellings Apartments

The Choice Planning process means 1 to 1 housing replacement. There are 174 apartment units at Allegheny Dwellings - each of those units must be replaced in the new development. There will be more than 174 units built because there will be affordable and market rate units built throughout the site as well.

What the planning team heard at the Allegheny Dwellings site visit:

People want a community that is…

  • friendly

  • helpful

  • kind

  • together

  • filled with community gathering spaces

What community members like about Allegheny Dwellings…

  • the people at Allegheny Dwellings

  • playground and basketball court

  • the views

  • green space for gathering and the trees

  • bus access

  • Mercy Street store/corner store

In the transformed Allegheny Dwellings, I imagine…

  • buildings not blocking the view

  • people wanting porches

  • interacting with neighbors

  • multiple generations living together

  • townhouses

What the planning team is working to avoid and address in future development…

Concerns: Access and security with dead end streets

Proposed Solutions: avoid dead end streets, tie streetscape back into surrounding Fineview community

Concerns: Blocking views with tall apartment buildings or buildings that face each other

Proposed Solutions: adding green-space, facing the buildings towards the street, not building apartments over 4 stories

Concerns: Site feels isolated and set apart from Fineview community

Proposed Solutions: reconnect to the neighborhood, make it feel like part of a larger whole Fineview community

Specific Terms Used In Planning Process

Density is the height and sizes of the buildings, match the surrounding housing, cluster density at the top of the home, feel like we’re being good neighbors to those around us, keep tree canopy as natural shade, some security concerns with safety and overgrown areas

Row Homes… have their own front door, may/not have porches, two stories, configured to line the street, the front doors are greeting you as you walk down the street

Town Homes… stacked townhomes, up/down duplexes, from the street still looks like a row home, front door, one unit with another unit on top of it, good way to get extra units on site without it feeling like a very large apartment building,

Apartment Buildings… get a little taller, when you think about building an elevator want to get the most benefit out of it, likely no more than 4 stories within AD, this allows space to add mixed use on the ground floor – community gathering space, store, childcare center, laundromat, etc.

It’s important to remember, we’re not talking about style – contemporary, traditional, etc.; we are focused on the height, sizes and how close together they are

Key Takeaways From Proposed Design

  1. Realigning Belleau to connect back to Sandusky St,

    1. This starts to outline smaller blocks which are more aligned with typical style in Fineview

    2. Eliminates dead end street

  1. Creates a gateway into the site from Federal St.

  2. By using mixed used building and stacked townhomes at corner of Federal and Mercy

  3. having the homes face towards Federal St, (apartments currently face away from Federal St.)

3. Density of buildings on site

#1. Single family row homes, fit in with the homes around it,

#2. 3 story stack row homes,

#3. Taller apartment buildings off to the side, south section to keep views

4. Creating more pedestrian connects/access to bus stops

  1. Currently an access road fenced off up to Letsche that can be reclaimed

5. Creating more open space for gathering/recreation

  1. Creating more open space to capturing the views

  2. may be relocating the basketball court as more central within the site

  3. start to think about the way the view, ramps, structures, staircases

  4. arrive at the overlook and feel like you’re at the center of the site

Proposed Off Site Development

(Benefits of off site development: gives opportunity for us to build first which will help with relocation transition)

  1. Federal Street - still room to add units near the Sandstone Quarry (former Sandusky) town houses are built

  2. Mercy Street - site behind Mercy Street store, could potentially be a mixed used development

  3. Letsche Street - currently has vacant houses and lots, continuing to explore ownership

  4. Upper Lanark Street - near WPXI site, currently a parking lot, would be an optimal space to apartment buildings

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