Fineview & Perry Hilltop Community Gathering Notes & Presentation of Housing Task Force

Executive Director's statement - speaking in support of Allegheny Dwellings residents in recognizing that in the past and still, in the present, biases exist and are hurtful to Allegheny Dwellings residents and to our organizations. Throughout history Fineview neighbors have blamed Allegheny Dwellings for drugs, violence, blight, issues with parking, etc. This is not an Allegheny Dwellings issue. It is a Fineview / City of Pittsburgh issue. These things are issues happening all throughout the neighborhood, not just at Allegheny Dwellings.


The boards of Fineview & Perry Hilltop began Racial Equity training and have formed a working group to address the areas for racial, economic, education, gender, disabilities . Definitions of Equality & Equity were shared. They are crafting an equity statement. They have surveyed the staff, volunteers and updated a volunteer handbook. Next steps are to survey and to bring this forward into the community. They will draft community agreements and share at the beginning of each Community Gathering.


Nancy O'Neil (WRT) shared the Housing Task Force Presentation.

Concerned residents signed onto a letter (18 residents of Fineview), distributed and submitted to HUD, HACP & FCC/PHCC leadership. They were concerned that they didn't know of a plan to develop replacement housing on Lanark Street. Concerns about views, parking, surface drainage, coal mines, underground springs, ice shards and density were addressed.

Several (5) testimonies were given in support of more density to provide added amenities such as cafes, theaters, pubs


Monday, MAY 2 5:30-6:30 PM - walking the Lanark Street site with Trek, HACP, FCC & PHCC leadership

Thursday, MAY 5 9 am -12 pm -


  • Mayors' Office shared City's Mulch Program

  • Reverend Delores Thrower shared info about a secular youth choir with PGH HIGHER GROUND

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