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Miss Task Force Meetings?

Updated: Jan 24, 2022

It's not too late to share your ideas.

Throughout November, we hosted Taskforce meetings to brainstorm strategies to include in the Choice Neighborhoods Draft Plan Outline due in December. We will refine these ideas between January and May, producing a Draft Plan in June 2022 and a final plan in December 2022.

The Needs Assessment survey showed the challenges and concerns of neighborhood residents. The Taskforces reviewed the survey data and the input from the Oct 13th Community Meeting, along with draft goals and strategies, providing feedback and changes. See meeting recordings and presentations below.

Please leave comments below or contact us with your feedback and input. Make sure your voice is heard.

Employment Task Force (held 11/9/2021)

Watch the Meeting Passcode: =^8@?7Ua

View Presentation

Education Task Force (held 11/11/2021)

Health Task Force (held 11/12/2021)

Watch the Meeting - Passcode: $nnC89@P

Housing Task Force (held on 11/16/2021)

Neighborhood Task Force (held 11/19/2021)

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Tyeisha Clemons
Tyeisha Clemons
Feb 21, 2022

Do they have the replay of the Housing Task zoom meeting that took place on 2/16 this month?


Hi. Two items are not included in the graphic summary of the employment task force meeting (or I missed them): 1) Bus service must be more frequent and run for longer hours to be practical - especially for newer employees who may not get the best choice in what shift is worked; 2) Childcare must be on site, or a short, walkable distance from home to be practical given the lack of bus service. Parents cannot be expected to take a bus (or 2) to childcare and then another bus (or 2) to work and then repeat that process in reverse at the end of the work day. Thanks, Candace

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